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Hartnell College Responding to Request Regarding Gender Equity in Athletics

December 18th, 2003

Edward J. Valeau, president of Hartnell College, confirmed today that the college is currently responding to a request for information from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) regarding gender equity in athletics.

"OCR," according to Valeau, "is recognized as the agency that enforces Title IX, which insures that male and female athletes are treated equally throughout the college's athletic programs."

Two representatives from the OCR visited Hartnell in November in response to a complaint filed in September.

Sherry Schumann, Hartnell's dean of physical education, health education, recreation and director of athletics, said, "The OCR will determine whether there are any disparities in services or opportunities favoring male and female athletes in areas of equipment and supplies, travel, opportunities to receiving coaching, and the assignment and compensation of coaches."

Schumann continued, "In addition, the OCR will examine practice and competitive facilities. We take this investigation very seriously. Discrimination of any form is not tolerated. The athletic program has worked very hard to insure that we are in complete compliance with Title IX."

Hartnell's Title IX compliance officer, Sallie Savage, will work directly with the OCR representatives to insure that their requests for information are handled effectively and thoroughly. For more information, contact Sallie Savage at (831) 755-6706