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Four Hartnell College Students To Attend PAIR Summit

Oct. 25, 2002

Four students from Hartnell College have been selected to attend the Partnership Awards for the Integration of Research Into Undergraduate Education (PAIR) Program. "This year's PAIR Summit will be held at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia, on November 3rd-6th," said Jim Butler, Engineering Instructor at Hartnell College. Butler will accompany the students.

Julio Barbosa, Omar Rubio, Mariano Ferraris and Camille Capulong, the four students who are attending the summit, are all Engineering majors.

"One of the main purposes of the PAIR Summit is to give the students exposure to numerous educational and employment opportunities within NASA. During the Summit, the students will receive feedback on their career or educational plans, share their research and attend professional development seminars," Butler said.

"The project that Hartnell's four students will present at the Summit focuses on why the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, from a structural point of view," Butler said.

Ferraris noted, "It took three years to build the Trade Center and it took one minute to come down. Our goal is to describe the structural reasons for the collapse in everyday language."

"We are looking at the structure, size, materials and strength of the building," Rubio said. "If we say it in technical terms nobody will understand," Barbosa added.

"When the Hartnell student's return from this trip they are going to go into all the Salinas Valley High Schools to speak to younger students," Butler said. "We hope they will inspire others to go into the math and engineering."

Butler describes the support that they have received at Hartnell College as "incredible" and identifies Hartnell's President Dr. Edward Valeau, Vice-President Dr Victor Krimsely and Dean Charlene Frontier as giving him great support.

Dr. Valeau said, "I am so proud of these students. They will serve as an example to the entire community."

Butler said that the students are really excited about going to the PAIR Summit. "None of them have ever been to Washington D.C. and two of them have never been on an airplane before."

Capulong added, "I'm am so happy to be going and I am learning so much working on this project."

For further information about the Engineering Program at Hartnell College call Butler at (831) 755-6732.