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Fitness Lab/ Weight Room

Hartnell College Fitness Center
Location: Adjacent to the Aux Gym - Room PE138
Physical Education Office: 831-755-6830
Faculty Contact: Dan Teresa - 831-755-6837
Email: dteresa@hartnell.edu or jvenegas@hartnell.edu

The Hartnell College Physical Education Department is proud to offer students the opportunity to take Physical Education classes in the Fitness Center (HCFC). The HCFC is a state-of-the-art physical fitness facility designed to improve the health, fitness, and well-being of students of all ages and abilities.


  1. access the orientation information posted online here
  2. attend an orientation the first week of school, if they have not taken an open lab fitness center class previously;
  3. complete a release form and have their blood pressure/pulse taken prior to using the facility;
  4. have a valid current semester Hartnell ID card before exercising in the Fitness Center.   Students will not be permitted to work out if they do not have this ID card in their possession;
  5. have a towel and wear appropriate exercise clothing (no jeans or sandals).

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

What equipment is in the Fitness Center?

The Fitness Center has three major areas of focus. The cardiovascular area, which features treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and arc trainers. The strength training area features both plate loaded and selective equipment, i.e. , Cybex, for every muscle group. The third area consists of power racks, dumb bells, weighted bars, and other free weights which are available for more specialized training. Power lifting and olympic lifting equipment is also available.


How can I use the Fitness Center & which class should I enroll in?

 You must be enrolled in a class. There are two different types of courses that are taught in the Fitness Center: a self-paced class - PEAC-46, PEAC-49 and PEAC-50 which has a flexible schedule to suit your needs. Please see the schedule of classes or the college catalog for course descriptions.

The goal of the Fitness Center is to teach students basic fitness concepts and skills related to the improvement of health and wellness through entry-level courses. After successful completion of a basic- or entry-level course, students are encouraged to take other courses to develop additional fitness skills to meet their individual needs. With each class, students learn more skills and strategies, building their own personal “fitness tools”.


Why do I have to take a class to use the Fitness Center?

The Fitness Center is a Physical Education classroom located on the Hartnell College main campus. Students receive academic credit for the successful completion of any of the courses offered in the Division.


What exactly does a “self-paced class” mean?

Self-paced means you work through the course curriculum at your own pace during the open-lab hours of the Fitness Center. While the class is self-paced, there are minimum attendance requirements in order to maintain your course enrollment. Self-paced does not mean that you can enroll for the class and then leave all your work for the end of the semester. Once you enroll, you must begin to work on the course curriculum.


What is the attendance policy for the PEAC-46, PEAC-49 and PEAC-50 self-paced class?

You must be added into this class by the first week of the semester. You should plan on attending class at least 3 hours each week. However, you may attend the class during any of the open-lab fitness center hours.


Once I’m enrolled in PEAC-46, PEAC-49 or PEAC 50, could I ever be dropped from the class and lose my opportunity to use the Fitness Center?

 Yes, students must have a minimum of 20 hours or they will be dropped from the class and no longer able to use the fitness center facility. Also, students who do not comply with the facility rules can be suspended or dropped from the course.


What do I need to do to get started with my fitness program?

      • Register for PEAC-46, PEAC-49 Aerobic Strength Conditioning or PEAC-50 Power Lifting
      • If enrolled in PEAC-46, PEAC-49 and PEAC-50, attend an orientation if you are new to the fitness center.
      • Obtain a Fall 2014 Hartnell ID Card (CAT card)
        • It will cost $4 per semester, $2 for a replacement ID card for the semester and $1 for financial aid/senior citizen students.
      • Complete the necessary blood pressure/pulse check and waiver form which is required to participate in the PEAC-46, PEAC-49 and PEAC-50 class.


Is the orientation mandatory? And why do I need to attend an orientation?

Yes, PEAC-46, PEAC-49 and PEAC-50 requires those students new to the fitness center to complete an orientation to the program and all weight devices. Your baseline blood pressure and pulse are important indicators of your overall health and provide us with appropriate information as to the effectiveness of the exercise programming so it can be done safely and effectively. The orientation instructs the students on correct decorum, expectations, and proper usage of the equipment.
It is our hope that you will be exposed to and learn, not only how to exercise properly, but why exercise is so important to the quality and longevity of your life. We hope that through the Fitness Center Program, and its instructors, you can add new tools and knowledge to your fitness education.

When are orientations scheduled?

 Orientations will be held at the beginning of each hour during the first two weeks of the semester. You are required to make one of these orientations and be signed off by the instructor assigned at that hour.


What are the hours for the Fitness Center for this semester?

Monday - Thursday

6 am - 3 pm

3 pm - 4 pm (closed)

4 pm - 9 pm


6 am - 3 pm


8 am - 12 noon

Note: The Fitness Center is closed daily from 3:00-4:00 for cleaning.


Can I use the Fitness Center if I am enrolled in another Physical Education class or enrolled in any other classes at Hartnell?

No, only students enrolled in PEAC-46, PEAC-49 or PEAC-50 will be permitted to use the fitness center.

Will I be graded for the Fitness Center Class?

  • Grades are based on attendance, hours, and participation.
  • Students must have a minimum of 20 hours or they will be dropped from the class
  • Doctor's notes, medical excuses, or family emergencies will not be accepted as a reason to add more time to the hours earned.

1.5 units = 43 + Hours

  • 43+ hours = A
  • 38-42 hours = B
  • 33-37 hours = C
  • 28-32 = D
  • Less than 28 hours = F

You will achieve 43 hours by exercising approximately three hours per week.