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User's Manual and Technical Mannual for Title V Research Tools

Technical Mannual for Title V Research Tools

This document provides a high level overview and explains the whole process of using Executive Information Systems, EIS. It explains how a user can retrieve meaningful information by using this application. The document provides a high-level description of the goals of the architecture, the use cases supported by the system and architectural styles and components that have been selected to best achieve the use cases. This framework then allows for the development of the design criteria and documents that define the technical and domain standards in detail.

User's Mannual for the Title V Reasearch Tools

The following sections of this document provide examples of the data that the first three specific tracking tools provide.  Each tool has an FAQ tab for frequently asked questions. Please be sure to review information on those tabs. In each example, the combination of English 253, Fundamentals of Composition and Reading, and English 101, Intermediate Composition and Reading, is used. A supplemental section of the user’s guide will be available once tool #4, Math, English and ESL Analysis tool is completed.