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Shared Governance

The college faculty, staff and students established the Shared Governance Task Force in Spring of 2007 for the purpose of assessing the college’s established shared governance process, committee structure and effectiveness. The task force and college have been very successful in completing an assessment and analysis of the college’s former shared governance process and in the development of a new shared governance paradigm. It is anticipated that through the new shared governance process and committee structure; competing demands for resources will be coordinated, prioritized, funded and communicated college wide.

Additionally, we believe that through the combined efforts of faculty, staff and students, this new process will integrate program review, institutional planning, budgeting, and hiring. As a result, realistic instructional, student services, and administrative support plans which make up the college’s Educational Master Plan will rely on assessment data and continuous improvement processes to set priorities and allocate resources college wide.

The shared governance task force recommends that the college community utilize the newly established shared governance process, shared governance committee handbook and this website, to implement real change and "share" in the governance of the college.

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