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Financial Information Subcommittee

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Hartnell College - 411 Central Avenue, CAB 112, Salinas, CA
March 21, 2012 at 3:00PM

Al Munoz
Joanne Trevino



Ann Wright, HCFA
Melissa Stave, Senate

Cheryl O'Donnell, PPA Committee

Laura Warren

4:42 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Presentation given by Matt Coombs to Al and Ann regarding Technology priorities
Summary of Agenda Item:eCollege: Is an approximately $200,000 expense and the contract will terminate on 12/31/2012. Ann stated Hartnell is at an impasse with eCollege because they do not wish to negotiate a one-year contract and HC does not wish to negotiate a multi-year contract. Currently, Matt is setting up presentations with Sakai and Etudes, both of which could be less expensive. Ann stated that at this point, FIS does not know what to recommend until it is known what the Distance Education committee recommends. Al then stated that the funds for distance ed come from Proposition 20 - lottery funds - which amount is approximately $120,000-$140,000 per year. If HC remains with eCollege and the contract is $200,000, the general fund would have to pick up the difference between the Prop 20 funds and the contract cost. At the present time, HC would be hard pressed to do that. Discussion continued relating to eCollege, Sakai, and Etudes.

APS (Access Points): Another priority per Matt is installation of access points on campus. The approximate cost for 75 APS is $60,000; if additional points are necessary, such as to allow connectivity on athletic fields, the cost could rise to $170,000. Ann stated she believes it is important to install the 75 APS because currently there are connectivity problems throughout campus. Al pointed out there is money which has been set aside in Fund 41 for instructional equipment part of which might be used to fund the APS project.

New Website Development: Although not on Matt\'s priority list, the approximate cost is $50,000 and should be considered in planning.

Datatel: An ongoing cost, however, there will be a gradual move to Kuali.

Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Presenter:Al Munoz / Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Discussion regarding funding of FTES.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #3

Presenter:Cheryl O'Donnell
Summary of Agenda Item:Cheryl requested information about the role FIS plays in program planning and assessment. Al explained that the FIS is not a budget committee but rather a committee that helps with financial review. Once priorities are set at the division level, FIS will assist with setting up justifications so a clean report is forwarded to RAC for further discussion and review. It is the responsibility of FIS to ask the questions that perhaps the division hadn't thought of when putting together their requests, not to say yes or no to any particular request.
Action(s) required:Cheryl requested Al's attendance at an upcoming PPA meeting to explain the budget plan and calendar as well as the role FIS plays in planning.
Responsibilites:Cheryl O'Donnell