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Financial Information Subcommittee

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Hartnell College - 411 Central Avenue (CAB-112) Salinas, CA 93901
February 21, 2013 at 3:30PM

Alfred Muñoz, Admin.
Ann Wright, HCFA


Melissa Stave, Academic Senate
Joanne Trevino, Classified Senate

Jorge Camacho, ASHC
Matt Coombs, IT
Eric Price, CSEA

Maria Dolores Javier, Admin. Svcs.

Laura Warren

4:48 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Approval of Agenda
Presenter:Al Muñoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann Wright moved to approve the agenda; Joanne Trevino seconded. All were in favor.
Action(s) required:n/a

Agenda #2

Topic:Unfinished Business: Faculty Hiring
Presenter:Al Muñoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Al began the discussion by referring to Dr. Lewallen's recent email regarding the upcoming new faculty hires. Al then asked for any questions. Discussion followed.
Action(s) required:No action taken.

Agenda #3

Topic:Unfinished Business: Budget Update
Presenter:Al Muñoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Al provided handouts to those present and provided details related to each. Discussion ensued related to FTES; Joanne Trevino asked what the FTES would be for the year. Al responded that FTES will be about 6800. Joanne then asked what will happen in summer and if the numbers would go towards next year. Al replied that will be unnecessary. Further discussion followed.

Action(s) required:No action taken.

Agenda #4

Topic:Unfinished Business: Budget Calendar
Presenter:Maria Dolores (DJ) Javier
Summary of Agenda Item:DJ stated that a new budget development process is underway with the goal of electronic processing. Dr. Lewallen has asked that an electronic form be created which departments/areas can use for augmentation of one time requests or an increase of the base budget. Additionally, DJ stated that the Business Office held a budget workshop in early February to which different areas were invited to introduce the new process. Vice Presidents have met with their deans to discuss their budgets and the proposed tentative budgets of the areas should have been submitted. Ann asked if any assistance was provided to develop the budgets; DJ responded that was done at the workshops. Discussion followed.

Al said the college wants to implement this budget calendar going into the future and hopefully by next year, the process will be running. Joanne stressed that with all of the changes, there is a marked lack of communication. Al stated it is important for each department/area to look at the calendar and let the Business Office know about any conflicts. Further Al understands the workload is high right now particularly due to accreditation.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #5

Topic:New Business-Discussion: FIS/FTE interaction related to goal setting
Presenter:Al Muñoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Al provided a handout to the members and explained the various components. He added that the budget will be built based on 6800-6900 FTES with the college's goal being 6800. There is hope that funding will be for more than 6600.
Action(s) required:No action taken.

Agenda #6

Topic:New Business-Discussion: Funding of Sabbaticals
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann stated that sabbaticals are in the contract. She feels sabbaticals have to be addressed in the budget particularly how many can be paid for. Ann pointed out that no one has had one in decades. Al said that the first step would be to bring the subject up for discussion in a Cabinet meeting; said he would do so at the upcoming meeting. Discussion followed. Ann said she would bring the subject up when Faculty Senate meets.
Action(s) required:No action taken

Agenda #7

Topic:Future Agenda Items: Classified Senate
Presenter:Joanne Trevino
Summary of Agenda Item:Joanne said she will speak with HR and Langston Johnson regarding the Classified Senate's place in shared governance. Joanne will report back with findings.
Action(s) required:Classified Senate's role in Shared Governance on next meeting's agenda.
Responsibilites:Laura Warren
Deadline(s):March 21, 2013