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Program Planning & Assessment
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Hartnell College CAB 209 - 411 Central Salinas, CA
September 8, 2008 at 3:00PM

Dr. Kelly Locke, Chair
Dr. Kathleen Rose, Co-Chair

Kelly Locke, Kathleen Rose, Barbara Durham, Carol Kimbrough, Kathy Mendelsohn, Larry Adams, Maria Murga, Langston Johnson, Cheryl O'Donnell, Peggy Mayfield, Ruby Garcia

no guests

Lourdes Sanchez


Agenda #1

Topic:Committee Membership
Presenter:Dr. Kelly Locke and Dr. Kathleen Rose
Summary of Agenda Item:Kelly Locke and Kathleen Rose made the opening remarks and the committee members presentation. Kelly Locke, cited the letter from the Accreditation Commission dated May 19, 2008, which stated that Recommendation 2(Program Review, Planning and Budgeting and Hiring) and Recommendation 4 (Student Learning Outcomes) still need to be addressed.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Topic:Program Review Module custom planning
Presenter:Langston Johnson
Summary of Agenda Item:A. Langston made a presentation that showed how the program review module in CurricUNET could be used for the Program Review process. The basis of the design is to utilizeinputs from the Educational Master Plan and other documents such as the Screening Module, input resources required to support goals and activities, an approval/reviw section and how the dat could then flow to the Shared Governance Committees. Langston will continue to refine the desgin. A demonstration/overview of the design is scheduled to be presented at the October 17th Faculty Flex Day.
B. Every group has to agree on this process, sign and accept accountability, this will be the process on who and how this program will be review to make sure is complete and is working. Example: Dean of DL, Weekend and Evening Programs will have to review all classes offered weekend and evenings to find out how this program kept or recored these classes.
C. Brief explanation on how these areas work together and on what level each one give recommendations. Kelly mentioned to the group that every year they will be able to review the activities, short-term, long-term to review what you did last year and what to continue from.
D. Langnston mentioned to them that modifications on what data is relevant to this program and what needs to be included for consideration: documents, charts will be included. Cheryl asked how much data can be carry over from previous years and the answer was 5 years to plan for Accreditation purpose. This is a tracking system that you will be able to access and find out what was recommended.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #3

Topic:Overview of the Year's goals
Presenter:Kelly Locke/Kathleen Rose
Summary of Agenda Item:This agenda item was not discussed, instead the committee talked about CurricUNET.
Action(s) required:a. This is for the committee planning for the October 17 Flex Day.
b. Look at program descriptions
c. Plan a calendar for a course level assessment 2 year plan.
d. Determine program level outcomes Transfer level, all courses on degree, list all out specific to the discipline, competency outcomes. What direction should be given to people after review all competency and analysis of programs.
e. A demonstration on how this PP&A will look like ounce information have been input.
f. Calendar will be after 2 years of compiling to have time to compare and work on it.
Responsibilites:This is for the committee planning for the October 17 Flex Day.
Deadline(s):Next meeting Monday, Sep 22, 2008