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Program Planning & Assessment
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Hartnell College CAB 209 - 411 Central Salinas, CA
October 26, 2009 at 3:00PM

Langston Johnson, Chair
Cheryl O'Donnell, co-Chair

Langston Johnson, Kelly Locke, Cheryl O’Donnell, Kathy Mendelsohn, Carol Kimbrough , Carole Bogue, Margaret (Peggy)Mayfield, Student Senate Representative Esmeralda Rodriguez, Heidi Vargas (Hartnell at Large), Gary Hughes.

Gary Hughes

Lourdes Sanchez

Agenda #1

Topic:Disciplines and Programs Explanation.
Summary of Agenda Item:Langston presented a hard copy of Disciplines and Programs that showed the different programs offered in Hartnell College. Some of these programs show only one full-time faculty in charge and others no current faculty is under this program. Then, a series of questions were asked by Langston:
- How or who will decide what programs get combine?
Who makes that decision?
- How combine programs will give reports to their areas?
- purpose to combine programs in each are
Following the conversation of forming programs, Carole Bogue, mentioned to the committee that the decision on any corrections to programs should come from Faculty, "they are the ones that need to review the existing programs and decide whether these can be combine or stay that way they are now". One of the ideas given by a member of this committee was to from programs base on Cluster formed. A Program is a collection of courses cluster together. A discussion and explanation on what is a discipline, program and why HC does not has a particular degree or how HC forms degrees was discuss here.
Action(s) required:NA

Agenda #2

Topic:Revised flow chart of PPA
Summary of Agenda Item:Langston distributed it to the committee. A discussion on what kind of actions occurring after all these PPA process, are there any recommendation or needs for revisions and approvals of programs.
a) How to implement recommendations
b) Who makes the decisions
c) Who will follow up the completion of recommendations
Action(s) required:Action: a recommendation from the PPA committee was to obtain more information from the Academic Affairs VP to find out if there is another flow chart to help the committee to finish HC PPA process and flow chart. Also, the committee decided to work on a rubric.