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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College - 411 Central Avenue, CAB-112 - Salinas, CA 93901
May 2, 2012 at 3:00PM

Phoebe Helm
Ann Wright


Tony Anderson, AS (attending on Nancy Schur's behalf)
Matt Coombs, Administration/IT
Dale Fuge, L-39
Betty Rivera, CSEA


Al Munoz, Admin (on behalf of FIS)
Carole Bogue-Feinhour
Cheryl O'Donnell

Laura Warren

5:04 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Unfinished Business - Discussion/Recommendations: Resource Requests
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann Wright opened the meeting with discussion pertaining to the possibility of hiring temp faculty. She then stated the currently open Respiratory Therapy position has been deemed a grant funded, faculty position. She went on to explain the hiring practice as it relates to grant funded positions. Phoebe Helm then spoke regarding the California Endowment and how it funds health programs. She also pointed out that a new employment opportunity has been posted in Sustainable Design; the position is grant funded.

Phoebe stated that four full time faculty members are in the process of being hired and additionally there are two temporary full time faculty hires in process. Tony Anderson asked if a Librarian is being hired; Ann and Phoebe both stated the college is ready to interview for this position.

Matt Coombs then spoke about the resource requests from IT. Discussion followed regarding distance learning and eCollege. Matt stated that ultimately faculty will make the decision of which product will be used for distance ed.

Matt then advised about the website redesign project and informed the attendees the list has been narrowed to four companies. Matt said the selected vendor would create a new look, feel, and structure to the website. There was a question about training to which Matt replied that the FRC would again become active. Some discussion followed pertaining to the transition from Datatel to Kuali Finance as well as wireless access points on campus. Matt stressed that he is confident that the resources IT has requested are the right investments for the college.

Ann then asked if there were any additional questions related to the IT resource requests or if more information was needed to make a recommendation. Matt took this time to inform the attendees that there is a fiscal deadline with regard to Novell and that currently the expense incurred by the college for GroupWise is approximately $10,000 per year. He said that Google will be presenting a gmail demo to the college and, if chosen, Google can assist in transferring all of GroupWise to gmail.

Action(s) required:No action taken

Agenda #2

Topic:Discussion - FTE goal
Summary of Agenda Item:Discussion regarding FTES and if the college's goal should be set lower. Phoebe pointed out that the course schedule is designed for 7100 FTES.
Action(s) required:No action taken.