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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
September 29, 2008 at 4:00PM

Ann Wright
Phoebe Helm


Phoebe Helm, Kelly Locke, Richard McGrath, Gina Rauchenstein, Margie Wiebusch, Ann Wright. Members absent: Lourdes Sanchez

Kathleen Rose, Esteban Soriano, Nancy Schur

Joint meeting with the Financial Information Subcommittee: Phil Adams, Peter Calvert, Maria de Leon, Joanne Trevino, Barbara Yesnosky. Member absent: Gary Hughes

Diana Bergado

Agenda #1

Summary of Agenda Item:NOTE: At this time, Ann Wright emailed highlights of RAC meeting to campus community. Online meeting minutes had not yet been established. Rachell Summers has captured those highlights here:

As this was the first organizational meeting, it was decided to elect a chair pro tem and to develop an agenda for the day by asking for discussion items from the committee members.

Ann Wright was elected chair pro tem (permanent chair will be elected later).

Agenda items were addressed as follows:

Changing the name of the committee - committee name is unwieldy and difficult to remember. The name was change to Resource Allocation Committee (RAC).

Changing the meeting dates - this was requested because the first Monday of the month is spent in preparation of the Board meeting the following day. After discussion, it was determined that the date change could cause multiple conflicts, and the Board preparation meetings could be rescheduled.

Current information regarding Hartnell budget - A budget was finalized on September 30, 2008, for approval at the October 7, 2008 Board meeting. We are three months into the fiscal year and most of the funds are encumbered as personnel and fixed costs. In the new budget, revenues from the state include a COLA of 0.16% and funding 2% enrollment growth. A mid-year cut is anticipated and the budget includes a contingency fund from which allocations would be restored through the shared governance process.

In addition to unrestricted funds of approximately $33 million (of which over 80% is dedicated toward personnel and fixed costs), the District also receives about $12 million in restricted funds.

The Grants Manager is preparing a report of funding activity which will be available next week, and a budget calendar has been set.

Developing a sustainable resources allocation process - The FIS (Financial Information Subcommittee) affirmed that it will report to the RAC, and that priorities should drive funding and not the other way around. By determining our college-wide priorities through 2009-2020, our goal is to provide the resources to satisfy those priorities. We will develop a process that is guided by the Educational and Facilities Master Plan and the Salinas Valley Vision 2020 Plan.

The shared governance committees are meeting and devleoping their priorities, operations and analysis based on the shared governance paradigm. Processes for data gathering and anlysis, communication channels between committees and within the Hartnell community, decision-making and assessment of results will be developed over time. The RAC specifically will work to determine timelines, information gathering and analysis, and criteria for decision-making.

Communication - Collectively, the committees are working on templates for reports from meetings (highlights and minutes) and forms for tracking decisions and actions. It will be important for actions to be reported promptly and directly to the appropriate bodies. A website will be developed for dissemination of information to the community.

Next steps - The RAC will receive information about the overall budget as well as the grants for 2009-09. The committee will review the Educational and Facilities Master Plan. This year, the accreditation commission requires resolution of concerns involiving student learning outcomes, program review processes and sustainability of program and facilities planning. The RAC agreed that we must set priorities not only for this year but for 2009-2010 and beyond, and to realize these priorities through shared governance. The RAC will continue to work on its own processes to meet its responsibilities.
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