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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Library Resource Center, Community Room
November 17, 2008 at 3:00PM

Ann Wright
Phoebe Helm
NOTE: This was a combined meeting with RAC and Reorganization Committee, Cabinet Members, Reorganization Steering Committee

NOTE: These minutes were not unadopted

RAC: Phoebe Helm, Ann Wright, Kelly Locke, Lourdes Sanchez, Richard McGrath, Armando Cortes, RAC member absent: Margie Wiebusch

Reorganization Committee: Andy Newton, Carol Kimbrough, Joe Welch, Kathryn Sproles, Liz Estrella, Richard McGrath, Stanley Crane, Bill Veltrop, FireHawk, Mike Thomas, Reorg Committee members absent: Gina Rauchenstein. Cabinet Members: Barbara Yesnosky

Rachell Summers

5:00 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Call to Order
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Asked if there was any additions to the agenda. There was nothing to add, so meeting was called to order.
NOTE: Online minutes were not available yet. These minutes have been adapted to fit the online format now in use.
Action(s) required:N/A

Agenda #2

Topic:Progress report on the shared governance work from the semester
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The questions posed about Reorganization: Where are we in terms of the revised organizational chart?
1. HEP (High School Equivalency Program) reports to Liz Estrella, Interim Dean, Development Education (instead of to Greg Peterson, AVP Student Affairs & Athletics).
2. Gary Hughes - reported thata 40% of his job is supervising Technology; Bond picks up some of salary of this position
3. Interim Dean of Development Education. This position will remain and will be advertised for permanent Dean
4. Interim AVP of Career & Economic Development. This position will remain and will be advertised for permanent AVP.

Esteban Soriano, Interim AVP for Career & Economic Development reported that the production of future Pathways has been delayed. A grant has been received for youth entrepreaneuship. There are 4-5 other grants that have been submitted to the Chancellor's Office; tech-prep; middle school/high school (VOC Ed and ROP). Career & Economic Development will maintain the Perkins/VTEA funding. Hartnell has started meeting with high school superintendents and have identified three areas for a school to college partnership: Enligh language learners; Math; Career tech areas.
Dr. Soriano reported on the new Automotive Advisory committee which has been formed to address the need to have a top-of-the-line automotive facility.

There was discussion about working smarter and stremline some of the processes that Hartnell uses.
1. Signing timesheets - Terri Pyer, Tammy Moreno, and Dora Sanchez will work on this. A new method for inputting timecards is already being worked on where only timecards that have absences to be reported are touched. If a timecard shows "no absences" in the reporting period, then the attendance advisor does not have to touch that timecard in Datatel. This will make inputting timecards much quicker. There has been a test group in counseling and it has worked very successfully.
2. Adjunct Orientations. Lourdes Sanchez will work with Jennifer Lagier on this.
3. Counseling and student forms. Kathleen Rose and Greg Peterson will work on this to identify forms that could have less signatures, such as course repetition forms, course substitution forms, and other counseling-type forms
4. Electronic Workflow, including electronic signatures. Gary Hughes will work on this.
5. Other forms; Karen Denning; Joanne Trevino, Rachell Summers will work on other forms used at Hartnell to find out if necessary signatures can be reduced to no more than two signatures. They will research what the state requires and how do we find out what signatures (what authority) are required.
Action(s) required:As noted above in discussion/summmary section
Responsibilites:As noted above in discussion/summary section

Agenda #3

Topic:Progress report from MISA
Presenter:FireHawk Hulin
Summary of Agenda Item:Phase III of Reorganization will be from April - December 2009 (instead of 2009). Student Services (now Student Affairs) will be the first area to undergo this process of Phase III.

FireHawk reported that MISA is looking at the Student Affairs system and how to redesign and build to capacity.

Beginning to identify 10-12 transformation processes and how to do this when there is no money and goo muchwork. Looking at an action-learning infrastructure; and an enabling infrastructure. This process requires time to reflect.

It is necessary to find a place on campus to put the transformation that was designed at the Full Time Employee retreat held in September 2008.

FireHawk is thinking of a way to make a screen saver as a way to house the reorganization work and to remind Hartnell staff of the on-going process.

FireHawk talked about different kinds of work: A work - work done on a recurring basis; B work; intended to improve organization (we are starting on B work with Student Services transformation); C work - meeting with each other to realize vision. some questions to ask ourselves is: What is the infrastruture to have; how can we have time to reflect, deliberate; how can we hold ourselves accountable. There was discussion of having a group be accountable for the dream, be the enabling team. It was decided that a meeting consisting of the Reorganization Committe, the President's Cabinet, the Architects of the Shared Governance model, Ignacio Pando and Kelly Locke form a group called the Dreamtenders. They would meet quarterly and be the stewards for the future of Hartnell.
Action(s) required:Phoebe Helm will draft a memo that describes the work done at today's meeting and provide some concrete examples of what we've done and what directions we will go.
Responsibilites:Phoebe Helm

Agenda #4

Topic:Priroties for Spring 2009`
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Due to lack of time, this topic was not discussed, tabled for future.
Action(s) required:N/A

Agenda #5

Topic:Calendar for Spring Semester 2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Due to lack of time, this topic was not discussed, tabled for future.
Action(s) required:N/A