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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
July 24, 2009 at 10:00AM

Ann Wright, Chair

NOTE: These minutes were approved as amended at the combined RFC meeting on 8/26/09.

Please see final agenda item for list of RFC members present at this meeting.

For voting purposes of motions at this meeting RAC members present:
RAC members: Ann Wright,Armando Cortes,
Dale Fuge, Langston Johnson,Margie Wiebush, Phoebe Helm


Carol Kimbrough

Rachell Summers

11:57 a.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Combined meeting
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:NOTE: This was a combined meeting of the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC). Financial Information Sub-Committee (FIS), and Cabinet members. This committee has been called RFC. This committee has met throughout the summer on 2009-2010 Budget.

Action(s) required:None

Agenda #2

Topic:Motions passed 7/24/2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Motions passed 7/24/2009 by Resource Allocations Committee (RAC)

1. The motion was:

RAC accepts the recommendation of the Technology, HR and Facilities Planning Committee to move both Nursing and the Student Services one-stop center to the CALL Building.

The motion was so moved and seconded. (Motion made by Armando Cortes, seconded by Kelly Locke).

RAC members present all voted in favor. No abstentions.

2. The motion was:

That RAC refer further cost saving measures to the collective bargaining process and to include the meet and confer process.

Motion was so moved and seconded. (Motion made by Kelly Locke, seconded by Ann Wright).

RAC members present voted all in favor. No abstentions.

3. The motion was:

RAC recommends the reinstating of those courses that can be added to the Math and Computer lab for no additional cost and to also add back Library 2 course.

Motion was so moved and seconded. (Motion made by Kelly Locke, seconded by Ann Wright_.

After discussion, RAC members present voted in favor, with two abstentions (Langston Johnson and Margie Wiebusch).

RAC Members present 7/24/2009:
Ann Wright
Armando Cortes (Armando was not present for motion #3).
Dale Fuge
Kelly Locke
Langston Johnson
Margie Wiebusch
Phoebe Helm

Members absent, 7/24/2009
Nancy Schur
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #3

Topic:List of administration positions that have been reduced/eliminated/frozen in 2008 and 2009
Presenter:Barbara Yesnosky, Greg Peterson
Summary of Agenda Item:In the March 2008 Board packet, a list of Administrative positions that were eliminated and a list of administrative positions that were newly created was provided. (handout Hartnell College - Transformation)

Since then, positions eliminated are Financial Aid Director, Counseling Director, Dean, PE, Maintenance Coordinator, (Edwin Baptista's position), Facilities Planning Manager (Brian Adair's position), Reprographics Supervisor, AVP Career and Economic Development (frozen), Executive Vice President (frozen), Marketing Director/PIO (vacant), Network Supervisor (vacant).

It was noted that a list of positions which are frozen, which are eliminated (not funded) is needed for 2009-2010. The categories should be: eliminated; unfunded, and unfilled (open but not filled). These would be included in RAC presentation to Board of Trustees on August 11, 2009.
Action(s) required:Barbara Yesnosky will create list of positions that have been eliminated; unfunded, and unfilled (open but not filled) for 2009-2010
Responsibilites:Barbara Yesnosky

Agenda #4

Topic:Update on further reduction strategies in operating expenses/supplies/vendors
Presenter:Dale Fuge
Summary of Agenda Item:Dale Fuge reported on pool maintenance savings that he has been able to identify. $6,000 savings in chemicals and $6,000 on pool maintenance contract. He is discussing pool lighting projects with Damon Felice at a meeting within the next month. The custodial staff is also looking into chemical reduction costs.

Dale Fuge said that he is looking into renting vs purchases on cleaning equipment. Some of the cleaning equipment is outdated and needs to be replaced.

Action(s) required:Discussion with Damon Felice regarding pool lighting
Responsibilites:Dale Fuge

Agenda #5

Topic:Report/recommendation from Facilities, Technoloogy, Human Resources shared governance committee regarding the CALL Building
Presenter:Gary Hughes
Summary of Agenda Item:Gary Hughes gave presentation regarding the CALL Building. Between 1998-1999 there was a technology bubble and many things have changed with technology since then, so some upgrades need to be made to keep up with current technology needs. (handout CALL Building Hartnell College)

There will be additional building/renovation projects: College Center will be remodeled in Fall 2009; The Technology Building will be torn down 2010-2011. The Annex (old Library) will be torn down 2012-2013. The new Science building will be where the Annex is now.

In looking for space to have the nursing program on the main campus in order to save rent from leasing space at Natividad, it was identified that there is no space available in the LRC, Merrill Hall, or the VAF. There are offices available in PAF, PE, and in some offices in the CAB building. The Annex has space but must come down to make room for the new Science Building. There are plans for the CAB building to be remodeled (first floor in North and South buildings). There is no date yet and will depend on state funding when the remodeling can occur.

After looking at all the space on the Main Campus, the Facilities, Technology, Human Resources shared governance committee made the following recommendations to the Resource Allocation Commmittee (RAC)

Recommendation I - Move the nursing program back to the main Campus and house in the CALL building.

Recommendation II - Move the Student Services Redesign to the CALL building, first floor.

Phoebe Helm will meet with the CEO/CFO at Natividad and see if they will waive the remodel fee to restore the space to the way it was when the nursing department moved in. Natividad requires a 90 day notice that Hartnell will move out.

RAC made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Facilities, Technology, Human Resources Committee (See motions in Agenda Item 2.

Action(s) required:The motion to move the nursing department to the Main Campus will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for severance of the lease at Natividad.
Responsibilites:Phoebe Helm will put item on Board of Trustees agenda for August 11 meeting

Agenda #6

Topic:Update on academic chairs negotiations
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The Academic chairs negotiations are still ongoing.

A list of 18 official duties was distributed and discussed.
(handout - Academic Chairs - Duties)

There were concerns about who would handle student complaints. It was suggested that we wait and see what happens with the Student Services Redesign. It was not felt that resolving student concerns should be one of the academic chair duties.

Student issues such as adding classes could be one of the duties.

Peter Calvert said that he would take the RFC concerns back to the table

There would be a training to gain knowledge of the Academic Chair positions. Thursday, July 30, 2009 from 1-4 pm and Friday, July 31, 2009 from 1-4 pm.

Phoebe said that all people are invited to these trainings (faculty and classified staff)
Action(s) required:Continuing reports on negotiations
Responsibilites:Ann Wright

Agenda #7

Topic:Review of savings to date
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The Summery of work by RFC, 6/25/2009 was distributed again (handout)

The Healthcare option - moving to Option III - Savings $833,000 if all groups move to Option III. 30 days notice is required to MCSIG. As months go by without a decision from union groups, cost savings is reduced.

Faculty have agreed to move to Option III. CSEA and L-39 are still in negotiations.
Faculty savings will be effective August 1, 2009 ($300,000 savings).

Barbara Yesnosky will take recommendation of District to move to Option III of healthcare benefits to Management/Supervisors/Confidentials (meet and confer).

Trustees voted to suspend their health benefits at a special meeting held on 6/8/2009 - $126,000 savings

Course reductions - $130,000 savings

Frozen positions - approximately $400,000.
The salary for frozen AVP - Career & Economic Development position will be used to fund Academic Chairs

Funding positions through grants - approximately $80,000.

Student Services categorial AIS Programmer savings, $115,000

There is still approximately $1,000,000 left to reach $3.3 million in budget cuts.
$3.3 million is $300,000/month. The longer we wait to make decisions on furloughs, healthcare options, the higher the amount needed to be cut. (less time to make up the difference)

It was noted that a 5% cut in the form of furloughs is approximately $900,000 saved.

It was recommended that the remaining amount of funds needing to be cut, be turned over to the unions for negotiations. It was noted that the cuts were to be shared equally Faculty cannot take furlough days, so another way to realize some cost savings by faculty group still needs to be decided.

A motion was made to refer further cost savings measure to collective bargaining process and to include the meet & confer process. See Agenda #2 for motion.

Action(s) required:Meet & confer with Supervisors/Managers/Confidentials
Responsibilites:Barbara Yesnosky

Agenda #8

Topic:Academic Learning Center
Presenter:Kelly Locke
Summary of Agenda Item:The ALC Lab is open, but they are not starting any new course sequences in math. There was discussion about some courses needing to be added back in.

A motion was made to reinstate those courses that can be added to the Math and Computer Lab for no additioanl cost and also to add back Library 2. See Agenda #2 for motion.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #9

Topic:Agenda items for August 5, 2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Items:
Report from Positions committee, Gary Hughes

Report re cost savings on printing and couse schedule, Greg Peterson

Board meeting presentation preparation
Action(s) required:None
Responsibilites:Rachell Summers - agenda

Agenda #10

Topic:Attendance of RFC (combined RAC/FIS/Cabinet)
Summary of Agenda Item:RAC members: Ann Wright, Armando Cortes.
Dale Fuge, Langston Johnson,Margie Wiebusch, Phoebe Helm

FIS members: Al Munoz, Armando Cortes, Barbara Yesnosky, Beverly Grova, Joanne Trevino, Larry Adams, Maria DeLeon, Peter Calvert

Cabinet members: Al Munoz (FIS), Barbara Yesnosky (FIS), Beverly Grova (FIS), Gary Hughes, Ignacio Pando, Liz Estrella, Phoebe Helm (RAC), Terri Pyer, Gary Hughes, Greg Peterson, Ignacio Pando
Action(s) required:None