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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
August 12, 2009 at 1:30PM

Ann Wright, Chair

NOTE: These minutes were approved at the combined RFC meeting on 8/26/2009.

Please see final agenda item for list of RFC members present at this meeting.

For voting purposes of motions at this meeting RAC members present:
RAC members:
Ann Wright,Armando Cortes, Dale Fuge, Langston Johnson,Nancy Schur, Phoebe Helm

Melissa Stave

Rachell Summers

3:34 pm

Agenda #1

Topic:Combined meeting
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:NOTE: This was a combined meeting of the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC), Financial Information Sub-Committee (FIS), and Cabinet members. This committee has been called RFC. This committee has met throughout the summer on 2009-2010 Budget
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #2

Topic:Response to concerns raised at 8/11/2009 Board meeting
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:There was general discussion of the presentation given by the RAC members to the Board of Trustees at the 8/11/2009 meeting. It was discussed that a comprehensive overview might be too much information for a presentation and that information overload needs to be avoided at future presentations. For future presentations it would be helpful to have RFC discuss, "what we want to accomplish with the presentation" and prepare accordingly.

It was decided that RFC has concluded its work on the 2009-2010 budget cost savings and now the college needs to implement what the RFC has recommended. There did not seem to be a need for RAC to continue to make presentations on the budget.

There was discussion that at future Board of Trustee meetings, information on positive Hartnell College news stories be presented by RAC.

There was further discussion that stressed that communication of these positive Hartnell College news stories need to be made campus-wide as well. Suggestions were made as to means of distributing information: (1) hold brown bag lunches; (2) prepare a newsletter. It was noted that information has to be concise and that there be a goal accompanying the information (i.e. "here is how it is affecting college"). A suggestion of using the term "value added" was discussed briefly.

A sub-committee was formed to discuss the campus communication effort.
Paulette Bumbalough - Chair
Langston Johnson
Greg Peterson
Nancy Schur
Beverly Grova
Larry Adams
Liz Estrella
Maria DeLeon
Action(s) required:Sub-committee to meet and report back to next RFC meeting.
Responsibilites:Paulette Bumbalough

Agenda #3

Topic:Reports from bargaining units
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann reported that the bargaining units (CSEA, L-39) are still in negotiations. Margie Wiebush (CSEA president) and Dale Fuge (L-39) were not present at this meeting.
Action(s) required:Reports from bargaining units will continue to be placed on agenda
Responsibilites:Margie Wiebush (CSEA)
Dale Fuge (L-39)

Agenda #4

Topic:Report regarding publishing and distribution of course schedule
Presenter:Greg Peterson
Summary of Agenda Item:A subcommittee was formed on (RS TO PUT DATE) to look at the question of whether to stop publishing and distributing course schedule in booklet form.

Greg Peterson said that the sub-committee has not had an opportunity to meet and discuss, but felt that since the fall schedule has already been printed, this discussion could wait. Discussion items will include: whether to stop publishing? will it cause more harm than good? should we just let this idea go for the time being?

The sub-committee will also look into what other colleges are doing with printed schedule and if they are continuing to publish.

The timeline for the Spring schedule is approaching, so the sub-committee will meet and report back during the 2nd week in September.
Action(s) required:Sub-committee will meet.
Responsibilites:Greg Peterson

Agenda #5

Topic:Schedule of meetings and oversight function for Fall 2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:There was discussion of the schedule of meetings for Fall 2009 and if the combined group of RAC/FIS/Cabinet(RFC) will continue to meet.

It was discussed that the RFC had been charged with finding ways to close a $3.3 budget deficit. Over the summer, this committee met regularly and came up with many recommentions to the RAC, which were adopted by Motions. It was felt that now these motions needs to be handed back to the overall shared governance process for implementation/follow-through.

It was also felt that there is good reason for the combined group to continue to meet once a month to continue to address concerns raised at the Board of Trustee meetings.

A schedule was agreed upon:
Combined meeting of RFC (2nd Wednesday of each month from 3:00 - 5:00 pm)

RAC only - (4th Wednesday of each from from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.)

It was suggested that a Town Hall meeting with the entire campus community be held soon to inform and give update on budget and to discuss the role of the Academic Cluster model and how it will be implemented in Fall 2009.
Action(s) required:Discussion at next RFC meeting on 8/26/2009 of proposed Town Hall meeting.
Responsibilites:Ann Wright

Agenda #6

Topic:Discussion of what is happening in CALL Building
Presenter:Gary Hughes, Greg Peterson
Summary of Agenda Item:Gary Hughes and Greg Peterson gave a graphic presentation of what it will take to move Nursing into the CALL building by November 2, 2009.
Action(s) required:Continued updates.
Responsibilites:Gary Hughes, Greg Peterson

Agenda #7

Topic:Attendance of RFC (combined RAC/FIS/Cabinet)
Summary of Agenda Item:RAC members: Ann Wright,Armando Cortes,
Dale Fuge, Langston Johnson, Nancy Schur,
Phoebe Helm

FIS members: Armando Cortes,Beverly Grova,Joanne Trevino, Larry Adams, Maria DeLeon

Cabinet members: Carole Bogue-Feinour,Gary Hughes, Greg Peterson, Liz Estrella, Jennifer Lagier, Terri Pyer, Beverly Grova (FIS member), Paulette Bumbalough
Action(s) required: