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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
November 11, 2009 at 3:00AM

Ann Wright, Chair

NOTE: These minutes were approved unanimously on February 10, 2010 by RAC members.
NOTE: This was a combined meeting of the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC), Financial Informa

Please see last agenda item for RFC members present at this meeting. *For voting purposes of motions at this meeting, RAC members present: A.Wright, A.Cortes, M.Wiebusch, N.Schur, P.Helm


Rachell Summers

4:57 pm

Agenda #1

Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:NOTE: There were no motions presented at this meeting
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #2

Topic:Approval of RFC Minutes, 10/14/2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The minutes of the RFC meeting of October 14, 2009 were approved as written. All RFC members present were in favor. No abstentions.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #3

Topic:Approval of RAC-only Minutes, 10/28/2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The minutes from the RAC-only meeting of October 28, 2009 were approved as written
Ann Wright, moved
Nancy Schur, seconded
All RAC members present were in favor. No absentions.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #4

Topic:2009-2010 Budget Report
Presenter:Barbara Yesnosky, Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Phoebe started the report by saying that she has asked Barbara to give report on the Cash Flow aspect of the budget as that will help in our ability to communicate to others about the budget situation. One reason for cash flow problems is that the State has delayed payment to the college.

Hartnell was able to borrow $2.8 million dollars in July 2009 at .9% interest. We did not have to use any of these borrowed funds (known as TRAN) until October 27th. We should be able to see our way through June 2010 without borrowing additional funds. Funds usually can only be borrowed at the beginning of the fiscal year and then colleges have to pay back the funds at the end of the fiscal year. Because of the budget crisis in California, an exception was made in 2008-2009 and it was possible to borrow additional funds mid-year. This exception is going to be allowed again for 2009-2010. However Hartnell anticipates no mid-year TRAN this year.

There are some internal funds to borrow against. The Bookstore has $1 million; Property Acquisition fund has $2.7 million. Property tax income is anticipated in December 2009 (approx $8-9 million) and again in April (approx $6 million). There is an expected property tax shortfall of $722-272 but that has been built into the 2009-2010 budget).

Receivables anticipated: Approx $17 million
November 2009:
$1.7 million in apportionments
December 2009:
Approx. $8-9 million in property tax
April 2010:
Approx $6 million in property tax
May 2010:
$2 million in apportionments

It was pointed out that expenses at Hartnell are approximately $3 million/month.

There was discussion about collection of student fees. Current Hartnell policy is to place a hold on student's records for registration if they owe more than $200. A hold is immediately placed on student's records for transcript requests if any amount of money is owed. A software packagae was reviewed at a webinar for student collections that would allow for payment plans for the students and could be managed through Web Advisor.

It was recommended that a committee consisting of Gary Hughes, Mary Dominguez, Al Munoz, and Greg Peterson explore whether we want to purchase and implement this student fee collection software. Barbara Yesnosky will notify the committee (not all were present). The committee will need to report back with a recommendation to the RFC at the December 9, 2009 meeting for a RAC decision.
(RFC is the combined group that will be meeting and RAC is part of that group.)

Action(s) required:Report/recommendation from sub-committee on student fee collection software
Responsibilites:Gary Hughes, Mary Dominguez, Al Munoz, Greg Peterson

Agenda #5

Topic:Update or reports from Board meeting of Nov. 10, 2009
Presenter:Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Dr. Suzanne Flannigan accepted the position of Vice President/Academic Affairs and was approved by the Board. She will begin January 11, 2010. Carole Bogue-Feinour will remain onboard through January to assist in the transistion.

Kent Stephens accepted the position of Vice President/Support Operations and was approved by the Board. His tentative start day is December 1, 2009, but that may be delayed due to his transition from his existing employer.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #6

Topic:Update on ALC redesign: Implementation steps for Spring 2010
Presenter:Jennifer Fellguth
Summary of Agenda Item:Jennifer reported that the ALC Redesign committee (Mike Thomas, Shannon McCann, Jennifer Fellguth, Jim Riley, Frank Henderson, and Langston Johnson) have been meeting and working on what the ALC should look like for Spring 2010. The Math/Lab hybrid has been improved and needs to be looked at by curriculum and the Board.

Mike Thomas and Langston Johnson have been working on an awareness survey. The purpose of this survey is to determine which tutorial services faculty are referring students. Langston is working on a needs assessment survey for students.

Jennifer reported that the group will continue to meet over the summer about resources housed in the ALC and plans to develop a strong advocacy group with Basic Skills and Prep for College & Career.

A fnal report/recommendation by the ALC design team to RAC will be made at the December 9th RFC meeting.

Action(s) required:Final report/recommendation by ALC Redesign Committee
Responsibilites:Jennifer Fellguth

Agenda #7

Topic:Spring Schedule 2010: opening shadow classes
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann Wright said that she would clarify with Greg Peterson on November 12th about the process on opening shadow classes. There was discussion about what are the constraints about oepning shadow classes and whether it was correct in expecting shadow classes to be automatically opened once a class is full.

There was additional discussion on whether a notice could be put on PAWS if a shadow class will NOT be opened so that students will not expect that to happen.

Action(s) required:Report back from Greg Peterson about mechnisism for opening shadow classes
Responsibilites:Greg Peterson

Agenda #8

Topic:Summer schedule; what is the decision mechanism?
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:There was discussion about Summer session 2010 and looking at whether we close campus for summer classes (no classes offered, no impact on CSEA/L39), or offer all classes? Ann Wright said that this topic would be discussed at the next Academic Senate meeting and that it should be on the next RFC agenda for December 9th.

Phoebe reported that at the Administrator's Meeting which had been held just prior to the RFC meeting that there had been a lively brainstorming session about what could be done at Hartnell if summer session was not offered and we could create a different summer. It was mentioned that we need to have the discussion about summer session no later than January.

Phoebe noted that the decision on whether we offer Summer School is a Board decision. She can ask for authority to act on the Board's behalf.

Action(s) required:Futher discussion on Summer session. Reports from Academic Senate, Student Senate, Administrator's group
Responsibilites:Academic Senate rep, Student Senate rep, Administrator's rep.

Agenda #9

Topic:Financial planning for 2010-2011: what will we be looking at?
Presenter:Peter Calvert
Summary of Agenda Item:Peter Calvert reported for FIS and said that he and Larry Adams will look at the faculty cost spent on classes in summer.

A report will be given to the RFC at the December 9th meeting

Action(s) required:Gather data for faculty cost of keeping summer session open
Responsibilites:Peter Calvert, Larry Adams

Agenda #10

Topic:POD organization: next steps/negotiations
Presenter:Ann Wright, Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Negotiations are ongoing with Faculty Chair.
Action(s) required:N/A