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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
December 9, 2009 at 3:00PM

Ann Wright

NOTE: These minutes were approved unanimously on February 10, 2010 by RAC members.
NOTE: This was a combined meeting of the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC), Financial Information Sub-Committee (FIS), and Cabinet members.


Please see last agenda item for RFC members present at this meeting. *For voting purposes of motions at this meeting RAC members present: Ann Wright, Armando Cortes, Kelly Locke, Langston Johnson, Nancy Schur, Phoebe Helm.

Shannon McCann

Rachell Summers

5:00 pm

Agenda #1

Topic:Motions passed
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Motions passed 12/9/2009 by Resource Allocations Committee (RAC)

The motion was:

RAC recommends to offer full Summer Session for 2010.
The motion was moved and seconded (moved by Kelly Locke, seconded by Armando Cortes).
All RAC members present voted in opposition. None were in favor. Motion failed.

2. The motion was:

RAC recommends to not offer Summer Session for 2010, with the exception of classes that Hartnell is obligated to offer (5 ADJ Fast Track classes; 2 AHT classes). RAC further recommends that the District explore, if it is affordable through general funds, to offer a limited number of historically high enrollment classes.

Motion was so moved and seconded. (Motion made by Armando Cortes, seconded by Kelly Locke)

RAC members present voted all in favor, with one abstention (Phoebe Helm).

RAC Members present 12/9/2009:
Ann Wright
Armando Cortes
Kelly Locke
Langston Johnson
Steve Otero (for Margie Wiebusch)
Phoebe Helm

Members absent, 12/9/2009
Nancy Schur (absent for vote)
Dale Fuge
Action(s) required:Motion to be presented to Board of Trustees for January 2010 meeting
Responsibilites:Phoebe Helm

Agenda #2

Topic:Motions passed
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The motion regarding the ALC Redesign Presentation was to send the proposal to the ASK Coodrinators for review and cost analysis and have summary report ready for RAC at their first meeting of the Spring Semester.

Langston Johnson moved; Kelly Locke seconded, all were in favor, no absentions
Action(s) required:Summary Report for RAC
Responsibilites:Shannon McCann

Agenda #3

Topic:Approval of RFC minutes from 11/11/2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Tabled until next week in Spring 2010.
Action(s) required:Minutes 11/11/2009
Responsibilites:Rachell Summers

Agenda #4

Topic:Report from ALC redesign committee for Fall 2010
Presenter:Shannon McCann
Summary of Agenda Item:Shannon McCann gave a presentation with a handout, "Academic Skills & Knowledge (ASK) Center, Report & Resource Request, December 9, 2009"

See motion above for response from RAC after hearing proposal.
Action(s) required:Report at first RAC meeting in Spring 2010.
Responsibilites:Shannon McCann

Agenda #5

Topic:Spring 2010 Schedule and future Semesters
Presenter:Greg Peterson
Summary of Agenda Item:Greg Peterson presented a handout on the procedure for opening shadow classes and explained how the opening of shadow classes should work.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #6

Topic:Summer Schedule 2010
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:There was discussion about the proposal for limiting summer school 2010.

Kelly Locke read the motions that were made at the Academic Senate and that Academic Senate wanted to have summer school.

Armando Cortes said that students were informally plled and the consensus was that evening students depend on summer school and transfer students count in summer when they prepare their ed plan. without summer schook, it would cause course overload, or will necessitate the student taking another year of study to complete necessary classes.. Armando also felt that community members and new high school graduates would need summer school as a stepstone to a 4 year college. high school graduates coming to a community college need summer school to keep the momentum going.. general community members need summer school to help youth have a place to enrich their lives and that it may have an affect on violence/crime, without summer school.

Academic Senate echoed the report from Armdano Cortes.
Action(s) required:Discussion for purposes of decision on Summer School 2010
Responsibilites:Discussion for purposes of decision on Summer School 2010

Agenda #7

Topic:Financial Planning for 2010-2011
Presenter:Peter Calvert
Summary of Agenda Item:Peter reported that FIS meet and asked the question athat Rac has asked of them.

Looking at the numbers only, it looks like we made $1 million last summer.
However, cash flow is the biggest problem.
Some questions that were asked by the FIS were:
What if: (1) Legislature delays funding; (2) legislature makes bigger cuts in January; (3) We offer classes one fiscal year, but get the money much later. We commit finances in 2009-2010, if there is a possibilty that we may not get money until 2010-2011 (or even byond. Cash flow is the biggest problem. TRAN funds need to be paid back.

Peter said that it was felt that FIS needed to help everyone understand how bleak the situation is.

After further discussion, motion was made. See above for motion.

It is the FIS recommendation that summer school not be offered during the summer of 2010 to save $1 million dollars
The only option
Action(s) required:Discussion only
Responsibilites:Discussion only

Agenda #8

Topic:Cafeteria, College Center Renovatin
Presenter:Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Phoebe reported that Mike Cunnane had spoke to her bout the cafeteria fund. The cafeteria is $5,000 below target each month. Phoebe said that she needs to revise the budget and go into the caeteria reserve and move funds into operation budget.

The renovation on the Student Center will begin during the Winter Break and when we return, it will be a cavern of concrete.

The Cafeteria will be closed until Flex Day 2010.
The Bookstore will be closed until approximately the week of January 11th.

Student Sentate will move into the DSPS space in the HCC building (Hartnell College Center).

DSPS will move into the CALL Building.

Action(s) required:N/A

Agenda #9

Topic:Thefts on campus
Presenter:Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Phoebe is putting together a taskforce to prepare guidelines for survelliance. She will also be looking into keyless entry into classrooms.
Action(s) required:Taskforce will meet before Winter Break.
Responsibilites:Phoebe Helm

Agenda #10

Topic:Attendance of RFC (combined RAC/FIS/Cabinet) at 12/9/2009 meeting
Presenter:Rachell Summers
Summary of Agenda Item:Al Munoz, Ann Wright, Armando Cortes, Beverly Grova, Carole Bogue-Feinour, Gary Hughes, Greg Peterson, Jennifer Fellguth, Joanne Trevino, Karina Rey, Kelly Locke, Langston Johnson, Larry Adams, Mary Dominguez, Melissa Stave, Nancy Schur, Paulette Bumbalough, Peter Calvert, Phoebe Helm, Steve Otero, Terri Pyer.
Action(s) required:None