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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
November 9, 2011 at 3:00PM

Phoebe Helm
Ann Wright, HCFA


Francisco Estrada, ASHC
Nancy Schur, Academic Senate

Lindsey Bertomen
David Beymer
Matt Coombs
Mary Dominguez
Carol Kimbrough
Kathy Mendelsohn
Cheryl O'Donnell
Melissa Stave
Lisa Storm
Margie Wiebusch

Monica Massimo

5:36 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Meeting called to order
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Minutes from prior meeting were approved.
No additions to current agenda. With that, Ann stated that a quorum was present. She then turned the meeting over to David Beymer.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Topic:Presentation: Full Time Faculty Hiring Committee
Presenter:David Beymer
Summary of Agenda Item:David provided handouts as follows: Letter with hiring recommendations; FTF Hiring Information FTES Based Formula - 2010-11 FTES; FTES Based Formula - 2010-11 FTES-COMBOS; and 2011-12 Full Time Faculty Hiring Committee-Chart with Factors. David explained how last year's recommendations were presented (in three tiers) and pointed out that this year the FTHC decided to go straight to two tiers ranking the first five as "immediate need" and the second having six positions as "next in line." Additionally, this year the FTHC could reach out to the deans for input on specific needs.

The five recommendations are:

Tier two:

AIT - High demand. David cited an example of a big tractor company that is eager to hire but can't find skilled workers to fill the positions. On the welding side, AIT has an instructor that is a welding instructor from Cabrillo.

MAT - High demand for MAT classes. It was stated that if there were two more instructors the classes would be filled.

CSS - These are high-end classes and are very specialized. Currently there are only two full time instructors (Joe Welch and Pam Wiese) who are working at full capacity. CSS accounts for 50% of jobs offered.

LIB / MUSIC - Looking at a very specialized Librarian. Currently, Jennifer Fellguth is the only person who can perform the job.

SPA - Two full-timers will retire at the end of next year. We can hire one position earlier so there will be an overlap but not a gap.

Phoebe agreed with the first tier for now but, due to budget issues, the second tier might be pushed to the next fiscal year. Her recommendation is that, based on the projections, we advertise for four positions right now and the fifth one in January. Depending on the scenario, we will bring MAT at spring time. A better estimation can be seen in January after Christmas revenues.

Ann acknowledged that there isn't an urgent need for the six positions on tier two and asked for clarification about the needs of PE. David explained that according to Title IX, a female coach is needed for female sports.

Ann then recommended moving forward on tier one and maybe rank tier two. Phoebe strongly recommended that instead of pushing the rank, we bring it back later. Ann then motioned to move forward with tier one and revisit tier two in Spring upon budget projections. Phoebe seconded the motion. Motion carried to move forward with four positions and MAT in January.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #3

Topic:New Business: Discussion/Recommendations
Presenter:Francisco Estrada, ASHC President
Summary of Agenda Item:Francisco told the committee that the ASHC received the Shared Governance manual, conducted a survey and, despite agreeing with the language and output, the feedback was the same as he stated at the last RAC meeting: The students' main concern is that they are not represented on the Finance Committee. He also stated that some students have great ideas but feel intimidated at these meetings. Phoebe pointed out that these are open meetings and students may attend them at any time although they will not enjoy voting rights.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #4

Topic:New Business: Discussion/Recommendations
Presenter:Mary Dominguez, Dean of Student Affairs
Summary of Agenda Item:Mary brought up that the Enrollment Management Matriculation Student Policy Review Committee has not met in at least three years in large part because the committee membership wasn't sufficient in numbers and didn't have important contributors as part of its membership. Therefore, she suggested to go back to the initial structure but lay it out in three small subcommittees: Enrollment/FTES & Outreach; Matriculation & Retention; and Student Policies Review Committee with twenty-one members instead of eleven so they can focus on a broader range and have the Vice President of Support Operations, the Vice Presidents of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs & Accreditation actively involved. There would be two meetings per month. Phoebe commented that it wouldn't be sustainable for the VPs to be tied to so many meetings; she then suggested using work groups and reaching beyond committee appointments to accomplish the work.

Ann then asked the participants how it worked for the regularly meeting groups. Comments below:

Cheryl O'Donnell said they combined meetings and that it worked well.

Kathy Mendelsohn said they have a task force which provides direction to the BSI. The intention is there but people become swamped and do not always accomplish what is/was proposed.

Ann stated that Technology and HR also experience difficulty gathering all involved.

Matt Coombs advised that he would like to meet once a month so there is time enough to have a broader view of what transpired during that period.

Kathy suggested there should be a campaign to find ways to get more people involved so the workload would spread a little and we would end up with a better informed community college.

Phoebe asked if there are ways to get people involved without being tied in meetings every other week.

Matt thinks that every shared governance committee should sporadically have a self reassessment of its purpose and mission and should also assess the right people to join the committee to accomplish that purpose.

Ann said that when they started the shared governance process there were twenty-four committees and it collapsed. She questioned if the committee itself should be restructured and whether participation should be mandatory.

Phoebe said they should have a chance to separate the concept of having meetings and populating committee for the purpose of having meetings versus figuring out the work that needs to get done. Some of these things line up pretty closely with the standards and accreditation plus finance. She mentioned a work group that she had just worked with had an interesting way of getting their groups to work: they were appointed at the end of the Spring and then brought together in September to do a presentation to our equivalent of RAC with all the VPs. Goals for the year had to be set, measurement of their goals stated, and at the end of the year, they would have to report back with how their goals were met.

All agreed that clerical support is needed to document meetings because one of the "off" areas is in documentation. Phoebe stated that meeting minutes should be posted in a timely manner so there would be records of attendance and, with time, we would learn to look at a place on our website. Further Phoebe said that there should be co-chairs at each of these meetings and one of those co-chairs should be an administrator with a clerical support person. Part of that support person's job would include note-taking at the meeting(s).

Ann added that the clerical person should be responsible for making sure the notes were posted on the website. Additionally, we should consult with the administrative people who make that happen so rules are not violated.

Ann there should be regular communication between committees and RAC. Kathy then suggested asking Cassidy Porter to post meetings on ECON.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #5

Topic:Meeting adjourned at 5:36 p.m.
Summary of Agenda Item:
Action(s) required: