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Technology, Human Resources and Facilities Planning

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Hartnell College Library, FRC Training Room L116
December 10, 2008 at 3:15PM

Gary Hughes

Ali Amercupan, Bruce Brandt, Barbara Durham, Neil Ledford, Peggy Mayfield, Dyan Miller, Eric Price

Absent: Alex Edens, Sandra Fernandez, Jerri Nemiro, Terri Pyer, Ron Waddy, Barbara Yesnosky, Counseling-vacant



Joanne Pleak

5:00 pm

Agenda #1

Topic:Approval of Meeting Minutes
Summary of Agenda Item:Eric Price made a motion to make corrections to the minutes from October 22, 2008 and to approve the November 19, 2008 minutes. Peggy Mayfield moved and seconded by Dyan Miller. Motion approved unanimously.

Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Topic:Update presented by Eric Price
Summary of Agenda Item:*Sub-committee status

*Any sub-commmittee formed by main group will be sent to the Academic Senate

*Will send make-up and information to groups

*Neil Ledford concerned about groups working with whom?

*Eric Price working with Felice Consulting Services

*Damon Felice is the lead; TMI has gone to Robert Yin; Felice Services won bid and TMI is subcontracting with Felice Services providing three employees.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #3

Topic:Alert-U (Emergency Text/Telephone Messaging System
Presenter:Eric Price
Summary of Agenda Item:Eric Price discussed the Alert-U Emergency Text/Telephone Messaging System. Barbara Yesnosky was not present but wanted the committee to discuss this system and make a consensus on how to proceed with the choices listed below:

Appredix B: Participation
Emergency Texting Message System (Students must be registered.
Three Choices
1. Find a sponsor
2. Hartnell College finds a sponsor; talk to Beverly Grova to find a local sponsor
3. Pay $$ for each student who is registered

Dyan Miller said that we should target our audience so we can choose who to sponsor us. Dyan disagreed about using Bev Grova because we have tapped too many people for help already. Neil Ledford pointed out that we have several companies such as Dole, Rabo Bank, Granite Construction to name a few that could sponsor our emergency text message system. We can ask Bev Grova to get regional sponsorship.

Action(s) required:A motion was made by Neil Ledford to recommend Beverly Grova to find a regional sponsorship. Option 2: Contingent on if Beverly Grova agrees to participate or if she is not interested. The motion opposed by Dyan Miller. Abstention by Peggy Mayfield.

Agenda #4

Topic:Block Grant
Summary of Agenda Item:Eric Price discussed that there is $153,000 in the block grant this year. The Block Grant has funds that be used to support student needs, such as computers. Ali Amercupan asked if the Block Grant covers consumables? No, it is for equipment.

We need to approach the Associate Vice President and get a list of projects to approve and send to the Resource Scheduled Maintenance.

Neil Ledford recommended that we set priorities and have the committee give options to others.

Eric Price said we should look at needs first and make recommendations. Peggy Mayfield said we should take a look at the Technology Master Plan. Eric said for future here's the guidelines, Facility Master Plan or the Technology Master Plan should be in place.

Items discussed:
*Use money right away before the money is taken away
*New roof for PE bldg. to repair
*Pump for new pool
*Have heat in the Aux Room; Peggy Mayfield said this is a safety issue
*Let departments decide before 6/30/09
*Dyan Miller asked, "How to refresh buildings? Many of our buildings are run down and neglected."

Action(s) required:Eric Price made a motion to approve a timeline for instructional equipment funding. Bruce Brandt approved. Dyan Miller seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Agenda #5

Topic:Motion to Nominate Eric Price as back-up chair
Summary of Agenda Item:Neil Ledford made motion to nominate Eric Price as back-up to chair the Technology, Human Resources and Facilities Planning Committee. Barbara Durham seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #6

Topic:Agenda for Next Meeting 2/11/09
Summary of Agenda Item:Agenda

*Updates of construction refresh project by Damon Felice
*Tour of CALL building
*Facilities Master Plan
*Technology Master Plan
Action(s) required: