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Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee


The primary responsibility of the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee is to promote and facilitate the development, implementation and assessment of SLOAs at the course, program and institutional level.

In order to meet its responsibilities, the SLOA Committee will perform the following:

  • Facilitate discipline, division and college-wide discussions on the development and implementation of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Review course, program-level and institutional-level SLOAs developed by faculty and staff
  • Review faculty- and staff-developed SLOA methods
  • Track SLOA status and report these out to the campus community, as requested
  • Serve as a resource regarding SLOA issues for the campus
  • Ensure documentation of SLOA Committee activities
  • Ensure that all members of the SLOA Committee are knowledgeable concerning WASC standards and State Academic Senate positions regarding Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
  • Maintain a repository of SLOA campus activities and resources


  • Recommendations for construction of SLOA statements and tools
  • Training workshops for faculty and staff
  • SLOA website


Faculty Chairperson  
Vice President for Instruction  
Academic Deans  
Faculty Members: Fine Arts/Language Arts/Social Sciences
  Math/Science/Health Professions
  Occupational Education
  Physical Education/Athletics
  Counseling/General Education
  Educational Technology/Library Services
Institutional Researcher  
Student Senate Representative  
Classified Sentate Representative  
Academic Senate Representative  


Including the Faculty, Chairperson, the SLOA Committee will be comprised of the above listed membership. The Senate, in accordance with Title 5, will appoint all faculty.

Faculty terms will be three years, with one third of the positions replaced each year. The instructional administrators will select the Deans and determine the length of their term.

Meeting Schedule

The SLOA Committee will meet on the first and third Monday of each month from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. during the academic year. Other meetings may be called when necessary.

Receives Information from:

  • Faculty, staff and administrators through the academic discipline/division and programs
  • CCC Academic Senate
  • WASC - Accreditation Commission

Makes Recommendations to:

  • Any and all College constituencies, such as:
    • Academic Senate
    • Classified Senate
    • Student Senate and Student Activities
    • College Council
    • Budget Committee
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Distance Education Pilot Review Committee
    • The Office of Instruction
    • Student Services
    • The Governing Board

Decision-Making Protocol

A quorum is 50 percent of the membership plus 1. Sinple majority of those present at a meeting which makes a quorum will constitute a decision.

Clerical Support

The District will provide clerical support.