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Core Competencies

Communication Skills

Students will read, write, speak and verbally comprehend at a college level.

  • Articulate orally and in writing viewpoints from multiple perspectives
  • Listen actively and respectfully
  • Follow oral and written directions
  • Write with clarity to express ideas and convey information, concepts and conclusions
Information Skills

Students will define information needs, access information efficiently and effectively, evaluate information critically, and use information ethically.

  • Define information needs, identifying the scope and level of information needed
  • Access information in a variety of formats efficiently and effectively
  • Critically evaluate information and sources
  • Apply information to accomplish a task
  • Access and use information ethically and legally
  • Display technical competency by using appropriate software, electronic submission, and the Internet
Critical Thinking

Students will use quantitative and logical reasoning to analyze information, evaluate ideas and solve problems.

  • Analyze arguments and develop one's own hypotheses
  • Interpret, analyze, explain and infer concepts and ideas using tools such as tables, graphs, statistics
  • Critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize evidence in order to formulate logical arguments and make decisions
Global Awareness

Students will understand and respect the cultural, economic, social, political, biological, and interdependence of global life.

  • Appraise one's view of self and one's relationship with the world
  • Value one's cultural heritage to better understand others
  • Recognize others' values, beliefs and cultures
  • Develop an awareness of foreign languages and cultures
Aesthetic Appreciation

Students will acquire an appreciation and involvement in the creation or performance of the work of fine arts/music/culture.               

  • Reflect upon and critically assess the merits of their work and the work of others
  • Articulate their personal response to works of fine arts/music/culture
  • Develop global cultural knowledge through engagement with various forms of fine arts/music and their placement in diverse cultural contexts
Personal Growth and Responsibility

Students will develop individual responsibility and personal integrity as well as contribute to their well-being and that of others, their community, and the world.

  • Examine the value of lifelong learning
  • Select lifestyle choices that promote physical, mental and social health
  • Develop conflict resolution and healthy emotional management skills
  • Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively
  • Recognize the importance of being an informed, ethical and active citizen
Rubrics for Assessing Core Competencies

Communication Skills
Information Skills

Other Resources

Assessment Model for Core Compentencies