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Frequently Asked Questions - Attendance

Do I have to go to school every day?
Your attendance depends upon the schedule of classes your have selected. Most classes are set up for students to attend on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and/or on Tuesday and Thursday. Whatever format you choose, you are expected to attend all of the classes or receive penalty for absences.

What happens if I don't attend the classes I signed up for?
If you have legitimate reasons to miss classes and do not want to be dropped from the class, contact each and every one of your instructors. If you don't intend to keep the classes, drop them as soon as you make that decision. . If you don't drop the class officially, you may end up with an "F" grade for the class. By dropping early, another student will have the opportunity to add to the class.

If school starts Monday, and I have a Tuesday class, do I have to go on Monday?
No, once the semester begins, you attend class on the days your classes are scheduled to meet. Just as if you have a MWF classes, and the semester starts on Tuesday, your first class would be Wednesday of that week.