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Frequently Asked Questions - Graduation

What must I do to graduate in two years with an Associate in Arts Degree?
The state and district requirements for the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees are as follows: (1) completion of a minimum of 60 units with a C (2.0) average or better, etc. The length of time it takes a student to graduate depends on whether he/she is fully academically prepared, and how many units/classes he/she takes per semester. Your counselor can give you specific information using the education plan.

When I have met the above requirements, what do I do to receive my diploma?
You must apply for graduation by making an appointment with a counselor to go over all of your courses. Call the Counseling Center at (831) 755-6820 for an appointment. You will then file a "Petition for Graduation" with the Admissions & Records office by the established deadlines. Graduation deadlines are listed in the schedule of classes on the semester calendar.

Students should then submit their graduation petition to Admissions and Records at least one semester before actual graduation.