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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration

If I drop my class with a "W", how does it affect my grade point average?
A "W" is not considered a major negative unless you receive several and/or they are repeated during additional semesters. Withdrawing from 50% or more of all units that you are enrolled in could result in being on probation and dismissal from the college.

What if I change my mind after I signed up for a class?
If you change your mind, you can drop the class(es) in person, on the phone (831) 755-6755 or online at www.hartnell.edu. There are several deadlines for dropping classes, each deadline will affect whether you will get a refund, or have a notation on your record. It is highly recommended that you drop the class(es) as soon as you make that decision so that other students can sign up for them. Always get confirmation when you drop classes and keep this confirmation until that semester's grades are final. Generally speaking, dropping a class is not possible during the last 25 % of the class. Consult the current class schedule for specific deadlines.

When a counselor gives me a list of classes, do I have to take those or can I change them?
The list of classes that the counselor gives you are recommended classes that will go toward your educational or career goal based on his/her assessment and guidelines. It is best to follow their recommendation. You may also want to discuss alternative classes in case the classes on the original list do not fit your schedule. Otherwise, check with a counselor before making any other changes.

The counselor gave me a list of classes. Do I have to do anything else?
Yes, that is only a list of recommended classes, you need to figure out a schedule that is satisfactory to you, and then register, either by phone or in person. You are not officially registered for classes until you do this, and pay for the classes.

What do I do if the classes that my counselor recommended are all full?
Be sure you try for all of the section or times that the class is available. If you register late, you may have to take the class(es) at less popular times. Try alternative subjects if you and your counselor came up with one, if not, try speaking to a counselor for assistance. You can also keep trying the same class(es) that are currently full, other students may change their minds, and drop them. You can also try to "petition" for the class(es) by attending them when school starts, there is usually a length of time that is permissible. Again, all deadlines are listed in current class schedules.

How do I find out information about assessment testing?
Contact the Assessment Center at (831) 759-6054/6055 for more information and a current schedule or visit the online Assessment Center.

How do I enroll?
New and Continuing students should follow the appropriate steps located at http://old-www.hartnell.edu/students/

When does registration begin?
Always refer to the current Schedule of Classes for dates and times of registration and for information regarding all important academic deadlines. Registration generally takes place during May-June for Summer session, May-August for the Fall semester, and November-January for the Spring semester.

What is "matriculation"?
Matriculation is a process that was developed to enhance student success in college. Matriculation brings the college and student together in a mutual agreement aimed at achieving the student's educational goals through the college's established programs, policies, and requirements.
The college provides the following state required matriculation services to each first time and new transfer college student: Application, Assessment, Orientation, Counseling/Advisement, Educational Plan, Evaluation of Student Progress, Specialized support services, and curriculum.

What is ASAP?
Admissions Services Available by Phone (ASAP) is the Hartnell community College District's automated registration system. The system allows students to register for classes, add classes, check his/her class schedule and verify if enrollment fees are owed. Instructions for using ASAP are found in the current Schedule of Classes.