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Frequently Asked Questions - Study Skills

Is college very different from high school? Do I have to study harder?
Studying smarter rather than harder may be the only thing you need. You can learn different strategies to be successful in school and in life through the college success classes at Hartnell. Knowing your learning style can help a great deal. Time management, note taking skills, and strategies for taking exams are also taught in the Study Skills (Cou-26) class.

I have had trouble in school, and someone suggested that I may have a learning disability.
How do I find out if I have a learning disability?
If you are concerned, speak with a counselor who can refer you to the Learning Disability Specialist. The learning disabilities program can give you a thorough assessment and if needed, it provides support services for qualified students with specific learning disabilities. In addition to assessment for learning disabilities identification, the program assists learning-disabled students develop strategies to compensate for their disabilities. Special class instruction, tutors, note takers, and taped textbooks are also available.