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Frequently Asked Questions - Transfer

Can I transfer from Hartnell to a 4-year college? What are the requirements for transfer? How many units do I need for transfer?

You can transfer from HC to a 4-year college.

Hartnell College's transfer courses are the equivalent of CSU's and UC's freshman and sophomore (Lower Division) classes, as well as those of most private and out-of-state colleges and universities. If you follow the recommended transfer program, Hartnell College will certify your completion for all CSU campuses in the state or all Lower Division Breadth requirements for UC campuses. Talk with your counselor about the transfer patterns. Hartnell transfer students have a good record of achievement at their transfer universities.

Questions like these are important to your future, so you should contact the Hartnell Transfer Center for specifics. The center is designed to assist students in transferring to any four-year college or university. It maintains catalogs and other resource materials about universities and colleges nationwide. Representatives from four-year colleges are also scheduled to visit the campus periodically. For more information visit the Transfer Center website.
How do I make an appointment to meet with a four-year college representative?
CSU Monterey Bay and and UC Santa Cruz representatives come to Hartnell and meet with students several times a month. Other colleges also send representatives to Hartnell periodically.

It is recommended that you meet with your Hartnell College counselor prior to making an appointment with any of the four-year college representatives. The Hartnell counselor can usually answer all of your questions. Your counselor will let you know if it is necessary to meet with the four-year college representative.

You can make an appointment with the four-year college representative by dropping by the Transfer Center or by calling (831-759-6007).

How can I find out which courses at Hartnell College fulfill lower division major requirements at a four-year college or university?
There are several ways to do this. There is a web site called Assist available to let you know how Hartnell's classes count at numerous CSU and UC campuses. Another way to get this information is to meet with your Hartnell College Counselor. Your counselor will help ensure you are taking the courses you need to transfer successfully

When do I need to apply for admission to a California State University campus?
CSU campuses accept applications until they are full. Some majors at some campuses are impacted and require students to apply early. Check with your counselor or with the Transfer Center to see if your major of choice is impacted. The following shows when applications are first accepted by the CSU campuses. Applications sent before these dates will not be processed.

Application Term

Summer Semester or Quarter: Applications first accepted February of the previous year.

Fall Semester or Quarter: Applications first accepted November of the previous year.

Winter Quarter: Applications first accepted June of the previous year.Spring Semester or Quarter: Applications first accepted August of the previous year.

When do I need to apply for admission to a University of California campus?
It is important to get your application in during the priority filing periods because most UC campuses fill by the end of these periods. The UC campuses will not accept applications sent prior to these filing periods.

Filing Periods

UC Berkeley only accepts applications for Fall Semester during November 1-30 of the previous year.

Application Term for all UC Campuses except Berkeley:
Fall Quarter: Filing period is October/November of previous year.
Winter Quarter: Filing period is July 1-31 of previous year.
Spring Quarter: Filing period is October 1-31 of previous year.

When do I need to apply for admission to a private/out of state college or university?
Private and out of state colleges and universities vary in their admission dates and deadlines. Interested students should visit the Transfer Center and ask to view the college catalog of the school you wish to transfer to. The college catalog will give you this information.

Where can I obtain college and university applications?
The Transfer Center keeps a supply of CSU and UC applications.

Students wishing to apply to private or out of state campuses will need to contact those schools directly for an application. The Transfer Center can help you with this.