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Department of Supportive Programs & Services

First Steps to Hartnell College

  1. Complete and submit a Hartnell College Application to Admissions and Records (Student Services Building, Building “B”, 755-6711) or apply online at www.hartnell.edu

  2. Take the STAAR* TEST for English and Math placement; call 759-6054 to schedule an appointment. This is also required if you plan to take more than 5.5 units in any semester.

  3. Make an appointment with a Hartnell DSP&S counselor to complete an intake and an education plan.

  4. Obtain verification of your disability (for example, an IEP, documentation from a professional such as a doctor, psychiatrist, etc.).

  5. Apply for FINANCIAL AID online at www.fafsa.gov , or for information about assistance, contact the financial aid office call 755-6806.

  6. Register for classes via PAWS.

  7. Pay all registration fees at the Cashier’s Office located in Building “B”. (If you are receiving financial aid, you will still need to pay a small fee). If you owe more than $30.00, you will need to pay your fees by the deadline to prevent being dropped.

  8. Obtain your student ID card at the Student Activities Office in the Student Center.

  9. Buy books and supplies for your classes. You can do this at the Hartnell Bookstore.

  10. Follow-up with appointments with your DSP&S COUNSELOR at least  four (4) times per semester.

  11. Make an appointment with your counselor each semester for accommodations.

Other important steps to consider:

    • Apply for services at the Department of Rehabilitation, 980 Blanco Rd, Suite 280 Salinas, Ca 93901, (831) 769-8066.  (You may also get a referral from DSP&S.) 

    • Apply for EOPS, 755-6860. Inquire about deadlines and eligibility.

    • DSPS offers LSK 126 (Learning Strategies) LSK 211 (Learning Skills Lab) and LSK 105 (Emotional Management Skills).