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Department of Supportive Programs and Services

Gym Equipment and Classes

A photo of an exerciser on the Cybex Weight Machine

Cybex Weight Machine


An image of the arm and leg Ergometer

Arm and Leg Ergometer


An image of an avid gym user

Stretching/Felxibility Training

An image of an exerciser using the Electrical Leg Ergometer

Electrical Leg Ergometer

An image of concept rowing

Concept Rowing

An image of Elpitical walkers and runners

Eliptical Walkers and Runners

An image of an ARC Trainers

Arc Trainers

An image of an exerciser utilizing the free weights

Free Weights

An image of the Treadmills


An image of the Stationary bikes

Stationary and Recumbent Bicycles

An image of students in Back Stabilization Classes

Back Stabilization Classes

Students in an adaptive PE course

Older Adult Classes

Cardiac Wellness

Cardiac Wellness

Circuit Weight Lifting Classes

Circuit Weight Lifting Classes