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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

How can I get books?
Any current EOPS/CARE student who follows the Responsibility Contract can use the Book Credit Fall and Spring semesters.

Do I need to apply to EOPS/CARE every semester?
You do not need to re-apply in EOPS/CARE each semester. As long as you follow the Responsibility Contract every semester, you will continue to receive services. Complete the FAFSA for each school year.

Do I need to attend an Orientation?
To receive services, you must attend a one time mandatory EOPS orientation. Orientations are offered before every semester (Fall, Spring and Summer). Check with the EOPS office for upcoming Orientation dates and times.

For how long can I be an EOPS/CARE student?
Students qualify for EOPS/CARE services until they complete 70 degree applicable units or participate six consecutive semesters in the program (whichever comes first). Students with high unit majors can continue in the program with more units completed: RN=118; Engineering=95; LVN=95; .

Can I still receive EOPS/CARE services if I am not a Financial Aid student?
You need to have a completed file with Financial Aid or be eligible to receive the BOGW (Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver) to participate in EOPS/CARE. CARE students have some differences in being eligible. Visit or call the office for more details.

Does an EOPS/CARE student need to enroll in 12 units each semester?
You need to be a full time student in the first semester. After the first semester, there is some flexibility in the unit requirement. CARE and DSPS students have a lower unit requirement.

Do I qualify for EOPS/CARE if I’ve already been attending Hartnell?
You can qualify and participate in EOPS/CARE at any time while you are a student at Hartnell, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Why do I need to submit a Progress Report every semester?
Mid Term Progress reports are a useful tool for students. They allow students to check their progress in each class. If a student shows below satisfactory progress (D or F grade), they will meet with a counselor to review any issues affecting their academic performance.    

Why do I need to complete an Educational Plan?
An educational plan is an outline of a student’s course of study, which leads to completing school. Once you understand the requirements for your educational goal(s), then you can make the best of your time as a student. Educational plans also connect with career planning, which counselors are available to assist students in exploring.