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Hartnell College Transfer Steps

Transfer Steps

As a way of preparing for transferring from Hartnell College to a four- year university, the following plan can help you reach your goal of moving onto a four- year university.
1. Identify Your Major & Career Interests
Deciding on a major or focusing your interests to a specific area allows you to plan your time in school. Gathering information early helps you reach your goals to attend a four-year university
- Enroll in guidance classes (such as: Career Exploration)
- Experiment with courses until you find some you like
- Attend transfer- related workshops and activities
- Visit the Career Center for interest or skill assessment, and employment information

2. Choose a University

Shopping around is worthwhile to match your interests with what the school offers Things to consider making your decisions easier:
- Size and location
- Financial aid, and scholarship sources
- Tuition and living expenses
- Quarter or Semester system
- Majors and degrees offered

Ways to gather information
- Meet with University Representatives in the Transfer Center
- Attend college fairs, preview days, and open houses
- Participate in campus tours

3. Determine Eligibility
Understanding requirements for different schools will prepare you for the admission process.

- Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)
- Minimum units to attend
- Required courses for entrance
- Requested placement tests

4. Do a Transfer Plan
Getting help from counselors and other sources improves your opportunity to transfer to a university
- Plan for the courses you need to take each semester
- Meet regularly with a counselor for course planning
- Visit the Transfer Center for drop- in transfer counseling
- Follow a written educational plan
- Include lower division courses required in you major
- Also include any prerequisites: any courses to prepare for your major

5. Plan Ahead and Stay on Track
Knowing of any changes that occur allows you to make adjustments
- Know when to apply for transfer
- Keep in touch with counselors and University Representatives
- Know of any changes

Check any deadlines and meet them

- Admission deadlines
- Apply for financial aid and scholarships on time (Fall & Spring)

Be familiar with university systems and procedures

- University Catalogs offer information for people new to the system
- Find mentors who already know the system (ex. Favorite instructor)
- Browse through online computer information