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SUMS HOMEPAGE: Get to know the Hartnell College SUMS Program and the 2008 Participants...

SUMS 2008
Weekly Topics -- Instructors

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Left to Right/ Bottom to Top:

Jessica Garcia, Maria Martinez, Evelyn Cano, Norma Carillo, Orfa Garcia, and Erika Ortega; (Second Row Lt. to Rt.): Erika Santana and Samira Contreras; (Third Row Lt. to Rt.): Christina Gonzalez, Lizzete Ahumada, Vanessa Montaño, Yesenia Velázquez, Lorena Cardona, Maritza Pérez, Maria Areliz, Elizabeth Centeno, and Veronica Puentes; (Fourth Row Lt. to Rt.): Emmanuel Padilla, Natali Silva, Stacy Sánchez, and Tricia Avila; (Top Row Lt. to Rt.): Jose Padilla, Leon Sobeslavsky, Angel Romero, Chris Halcón, Kevin Agpaoa, David Zendejas, and Victor Zarate.

The Hartnell College Summer Undergraduate Math and Science program, SUMS, is sponsored by a STEP grant from the National Science Foundation. This high school to college 5-week bridge experience allows participants to explore math and science through exciting, inquiry based activities, luncheon speakers, orientation to college and career exploration. The students are recruited from the four high schools of SUHSD in collaboration with science resource teachers and migrant resource teachers at each high school. 

During their weekly field trips, the visit local laboratories and universities where local scientists are doing research in biology, astronomy, and environmental science.  SUMS program students can earn college credits and up to a $1,500 stipend.  Each of the five weeks is led by a different team of instructors.  By the end of the program, students are ready to apply for internships and scholarships as well as have first-hand experience in various fields of math and science.

For more information, please contact Lead Instructor Leticia Contreras at lcontreras@hartnell.edu or MESA Director and grant PI Shannon McCann at smccann@hartnell.edu.

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