Annual Collaborative Activity Objectives

By September 30, 2008

1. Student access and Success Research Centers equipped, staffed, and open on both campuses

2. Evaluation baselines/benchmarks 100% set, participating and non-participating cohorts selected

3. Student learning outcomes for 100% of  targeted ESL and basic English courses will be completed

4. Two new courses (information competency and computer literacy course with an emphasis in Multimedia) will be developed and scheduled for pilot testing

5. Ten (10) ESL and English faculty will participate in 2 best practices workshops with 90% reporting integration one or more new methodologies into their courses.

6. Expanded academic support services will be in place with hiring and training of 4 supplemental instruction facilitators and 6 new tutors

7. After spring semester 2008 persistence will raise ESL by 15%and the English sequence by 5%

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HartnelL College shall provide its diverse communities and student population with equal opportunities for educational access and success.

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