Here are a group of web sites and other documents that can be used to increase the retention and persistence of students.  Enjoy the read.

Vincent Tinto Syracuse University

Taking Student Retention Seriously  An interesting discussion about retention and some ideas to help.

Student Retention & Persistence

Jefferson Community College faculty seminar

63 ideas for retention  Activities that can be instituted in the classroom to increase retention divided into 4 categories: affective domain, day-to-day operations, faculty initiated activities, student-initiated activities.



What Works in Student Retention

ACT study in college student retention practices.   This report reflects ACT’s three-decade commitment to assist colleges and universities to better understand the impact of campus practices on college student retention and degree completion. 

Seven Guiding Questions for Student Retention

Educational Policy Institute 06   Our ability to keep students in school is an important daily task on our campuses.  Losing students, from an economic standpoint, is just bad business.  This article suggest areas of study that might help us.

Minority Student Retention and Academic Achievement in Community Colleges

ERIC Digest article Another look at the needs of students based upon culture-specific values.

Research Links

HartnelL College shall provide its diverse communities and student population with equal opportunities for educational access and success.

Hartnell ColLege  Collaborative Title V

The Art of Student Retention

A handbook for practitioners and administrators Educational Policy Institute document presented at the 2004 Annual Recruitment and Retention Conference

Promoting Student Retention: Lessons Learned from the United States

A speech by Vincent Tinto at the 11th Annual Conference of the European Access Network, Prato, Italy. June 19, 2002