English Faculty Report

(Rhea Mendoza-Lewis, Carol King, Janet Pessagno)

Report on Travel to Cal Poly to look at Studio Labs

2.  Having all of the computers networked to the instructor’s computer allows for easy sharing; something we need for our classes.

3.  The lighting was effective. We liked having plenty of windows to allow for natural light without a lot of glare on screens.


Three things to throw out:

1.  Table situation:  The actual tables need to be smaller for cluster learning.

2.  The studio classroom needs a projector / big screen with the technology to post multiple screens side by side at once as the studio classrooms in Chicago do.

3.  Class size accommodations; We would like to see smaller classroom capacity for English Classes


Thanks for including us in on the trip and, of course, for the donuts & great company!

Here is our feedback from Cal Poly.


Three things to keep:

1.  We like the fact that the teacher wore a Microphone, so all of the students could hear instructions.

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