Goals for the Title V Cooperative


Goals for Strengthening Academic Programs

1. Establish Student Access and Success Research Centers at each college to serve as the coordination points and clearing houses for curriculum development, student learning outcome development, activity implementation, Faculty training, student assessment , data tracking and evaluation.

2. Improve student retention and persistence in gateway English as a Second Language and English courses (remedial, pre-college and basic English courses)

3. Establish and institutionalize processes to assess and track student performance.

4. Establish a model to develop, implement, and institutionalize student learning outcomes throughout the curricula.

5. Develop and implement a new, introductory course and adaptable modules in computer literacy with an emphasis in multimedia. (modules to be adaptable across curricula).

6. Develop and implement a new course and modules in information competency (modules to be adaptable across curricula).


Goals for Strengthening Institutional Management

1. Increase access to faculty and staff training focused on student performance in gateway courses, information competency, and computer literacy courses emphasizing multimedia.

2. Increase access in faculty and staff training using multimedia technology.

3. Increase campus wide access to information regarding student performance in gateway ESL and English courses, information competency and computer literacy courses emphasizing multimedia.

4. Increase campus wide access to information regarding student learning outcomes.

5. Improve and modernize student assessment processes and access to tracking data.

6. Implement and institutionalize data-based decision-making throughout each institution.


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HartnelL College shall provide its diverse communities and student population with equal opportunities for educational access and success.

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