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For the last couple of years a group of us have been meeting for two hours a week to try to solve several questions: (1) “What research tools do faculty need to help them change their curriculum or teaching style to better support student learning?” (2) “What research tools does the institution need to support Student Learning Outcomes and Program Review?”  (3)   What research questions should be asked about the classroom, student learning and teaching that will add to the success of our students and institution?” (4) “How should we deliver these tools so that they are accessible by all in the institution and be user friendly?”

To that end several tools are under construction.  On our web site you can also find flow charts of tools that are under consideration.

Student Access and Success Research Centers

HartnelL College shall provide its diverse communities and student population with equal opportunities for educational access and success.

Hartnell ColLege  Collaborative Title V

Those involved

The Challenge

Gary Hughes:  Associate Vice President of Educational Technology and Library Services and Title V Director

Dr. Stanley Crane:  Title V Activity Director

Cheryl O’Donnell:  Coordinator of  Student Access and Success Research Center

Langston Johnson:  Analyst

Seetha Chitti:  Title V Programmer Analyst

Dr. Kelly Locke: Title V Director

Leda Polio:  Title V Administrative Assistant



Beta Testing

Dr. Suzanne Flannigan:  Vice President of Academic Affairs and Accreditation

Janet Pessagno:  English Instructor

Rhea Mendoza-Lewis:  English Instructor

Dr. Ignacio Pando :  Counselor

Dr. Ann Wright: Biology Instructor

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