Mission Statement

Women In Science Exploration (WISE) at Hartnell Community College will be established to help promote and increase participation by women in the engineering, math and science fields. We strive to improve retention and participation from women in our math and science programs by facilitating networking with members of the scientific community and providing meaningful educational activities

Women will be provided with the encouragement and support necessary to become successful in the workplace or to pursue degrees in higher education.  WISE offers study skills workshops, career exploration, hands on scientific investigation, and access to professional meetings. 

WISE aims to create an environment of empowerment of and understanding for women in the sciences at Hartnell.  The program addresses many of the challenges that women face as they progress in their scholastic and occupational endeavors.   We strive to help women build a solid foundation in their chosen fields. 

We will utilize the established relationship between Hartnell and the community to assist women in forming mentorship with peers, faculty and members of the workforce.


Promoting confidence and self worth





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